Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long Time No Post

Well the months since my last post have been not so bad for me, but, pretty hectic for Mom.   As soon as she got over the pneumonia, which took a REALLY long time, she started trying to get caught up for something she called "The National" or just "The Show".  She was mighty stressed over that, so mostly I tried to stay out of the way, unless of course she needed some love.  Lucky for me that dog petting calms people down and lowers blood pressure, and that daily walks also ease tension!  We had to go on short walks since Mom was trying to get back in the habit after her sickness, but it was still fun and the weather was nice.

In July we went down to Tucson and I got to stay with my "sister" while Mom went to the hotel and did "The Show".  I missed her, but I can't be too sad when I stay there - They take good care of me, I've got family to play with, and my girlfriend!  Yes, I do have a girlfriend! Her name is Sophie.

Isn't she pretty!  oh, and there's one of the cats next to her -
that cat's name is Honey.  She is not fond of me.
Animals are allowed on the furniture there, but, not at my house.

Sophie and me tired out after a long day of playing!

 The only down side of staying at Sophie's house is,  the CATS.  Two of them (also, chickens, a guinea pig, and hermit crabs, but they're not annoying).   One of the cats really wants to be my friend too, but I'm having none of it....although.....she is kind of pretty since she has black fur with white paws and a white stripe down her nose, like me!

This is Muad'dib, the cat who loves me, hanging out in the garden with one of the chickens.

After the show we stayed in Tucson for a while so Mom had time to visit with everybody and play with all of her grandchildren, and we all had a great time!  Then we came home, and I was a little bit sad because I miss everybody.

We were home for less than two weeks when, sadly, my other "sister" got sick.  She had to go to the hospital and was there for a while, so Mom and I went back to Tucson so Mom could help her out and help the grandsons get to school.  Once again, I didn't mind *too* much, but it was tiring for all the people involved so I got a little worried too.  I let everybody who wanted to pet me as much as possible, because I am helpful like that!

"Sis" got feeling better, and we finally left - just got home at the end of August, and Mom was sick again.  That I didn't like so much because I don't like it when she doesn't feel good, and, I don't get to go for walks very much.

Everybody is doing fine now, which I am pretty sure I am at least partly responsible for!
Sometime I think I will ask Mom to tell you the story of her other dogs, who were Pet Partners/Therapy dogs, but that will have to wait for another time.

Sorry I didn't update my blog during all this time, but Mom doesn't let me log on to the computer myself.  She mentioned something about keeping me away from a thing called "Icanhazcheeseburger".

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