Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I get another Human Interface Device (finally!)

In my very first post I showed you the button I push to let mom and dad know when I need to go out.  I love it because they know exactly what I want and I can save practicing my communication and mind control skills for when I'm trying to get them to give me a treat (which I am pretty successful at, actually).   I like to wait until they sit down to watch TV or to have dinner before I go push the button, and I don't know why they sometimes get a little aggravated about that since I'm just waiting until they're not busy doing something else.

So what else do I need?  I sometimes run out of water and it takes them FOREVER to notice.  At least it seemed that way.  Mom has been saying for a long time that she was going to make an "I need water" button for me, and she has finally done it!  Now I have a new human controller!  I mean, a new tool to help mom and dad know what I need.  She also entered her creation into a pet contest on Instructables - one of her favorite websites!

Here I am using the device:

If you want to find out how to make one for your dog, visit the Instructables site!

Since I don't have to use my other communication skills and mind control for getting water, I'm off to go practice my telekinetic powers and see if I can finally get the treat jar to jump off the counter.  I think I've managed to make it move a little bit closer to the edge in my previous efforts, but it is still a long way off.

Love n' slobbers,

Notes from Mom:

I wanted Cody to have to use his nose for this one, since he needs practice in the "nose it" command - but he still has a tendency to shove with his shoulder (if you read his post about closing doors, you know how much he likes to do that :) )  I think the next thing I'll make for him will..............uh...........I don't know......I have the sudden urge to go give my dog a treat or move the cookie jar a little closer to the edge of the counter.