Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Three Most Important Jobs

Last time I told you about one of my fun jobs - this time I'll tell you about my three most important jobs!  These are the jobs I can do when Mom needs me for help.

The first of these jobs is getting the phone.  Mom and I are here by ourselves most of the time, and if she has a problem she tells me "get the phone" and I run to get it so she can call for help if she needs to.  Mom usually keeps the phone in one spot so I know where to go to get it, but, sometimes she hides it just so I can practice finding it in case it is somewhere else.  She keeps it in a special case made just for me to grab on to!

The second important job is helping Mom get up from a chair or the floor if she needs me to.  When she wants me to do this job she puts her hand out and says "Cody, brace".  I move under her hand and spread my legs out enough to stand firmly in one spot for support.  I don't move until she says "okay".  She usually also says "Thank You" and "Good Boy!" but I can move around and wag my tail for that part.  If she needs some leverage, she can give me something to hold on to and tell me "Pull" and I can help her in that way too!

The third important job is to get Dad.  If she is somewhere in the house and gets weak or needs help, she calls me and I get Dad.  Now you are probably wondering why she doesn't just call for Dad in the first place, and the reason is that he has a hearing problem, and she sometimes gets a weak voice, especially when she is tired (which is also when she is most likely to need help).  See why she needs a good boy like me around?  I can hear her even when she is whispering, or just tapping on the floor.  Plus, I'm usually hanging out wherever she is anyhow.

Love n' Slobbers,

Notes from Mom

One of the first things I wanted to teach Cody was "get the phone" but not knowing whether or not he would have a hard bite when picking things up, and not wanting him to crush my kind of expensive phone, I decided I should make a case.  I knew this would also make it easier for him to pick up, and that he would appreciate a soft case more than a hard one.  We had a small padded nylon case with hook & loop closure, which I believe used to hold a camping light, so I just made a wooden case to fit inside that.  The top and bottom are made from 1/8" birch plywood, and the 3 short sides are 1/2" square basswood (all available from most hobby shops).  Before I glued it all together I sanded, and sanded, and sanded the wood - especially the pieces that would be on the INSIDE so that my phone would slide out easily.  After gluing, I rounded the outside edges and smoothed the outside as well, though I don't take it out of the case.  This case has worked very well for Cody, and I also can use this inside his backpack when we go for a walk, without fear of my phone getting damaged.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

When one door closes, another one opens...and if I'm lucky, I'll get to close that one too!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I like to be helpful.  I try to do what I'm told, and I usually enjoy it, but there are some things I REALLY like to do - such as closing doors.  Man, I love to close doors.  I don't know why, but as soon as I figured out what exactly it was that Mom wanted, I was hooked.

She had already taught me "nose" or "nose it" so that I would push something with my nose instead of my paw (apparently she didn't want scratches all over the door - for whatever reason) and after pushing the door a bit with my nose and getting a reward, I started to figure out how the door worked.  Once I got comfortable with the door opening and closing, she taught me to close it with my shoulder.  Some of the doors didn't close all the way at first, so then I learned "shove" which means I get to bump it again with my shoulder until I hear the click.  Yes!  I get it! I love it!

The only down side of this is that I'm not supposed to close a door unless someone tells me to.  Otherwise, I could just go around closing doors all day long whenever I spotted an open one.  Since I don't get to do that.......I'll be honest here, I usually don't close the door all the way the first time just so I can push it again, although I still try to wait until Mom tells me to.  (Sometimes there may be 2 or even 3 times when I'll shove the door not quite hard enough - it's a guess as to how many times I can get away with it before Mom says "Cody, stop playing around and close the door!")

Here is an organization that helps people understand that it's okay to open their doors (and their hearts!) to pit bulls in need of rescue:


Tim Racer, the man who started BadRap also makes fantastic carvings of carousel dogs!

Love n' Slobbers,

Notes from Mom: 
Yes, I know I need to organize my video cabinets.