Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Morning Chores

Finally, Mom is feeling well enough to get back to our chores and daily walks!

My only every day morning chores are picking up stuff that needs to go in the closet and putting them away, and helping to make the bed.  Sometimes when I put things away I get a little bit confused and put shoes in the clothes hamper, but that's okay, Mom just tells me to take them back out.  Really, I'm only confused because I get too excited, and I get excited because.....after I put things in the closet I get to Close The Door! (see my post of Mar. 7th).

After that, I help make the bed.  Mom only took a video of me doing the first corner, and I'm only a little bit embarrassed that I didn't get the actual corner the first time and she had to tell me again.  She gets the top corners of the covers and I get the bottom, we work pretty well as a bed making team!

On days when there is dusting to do I help by carrying the duster.  Other than that I provide general pick up and delivery services while we are doing the chores, and I put things in the recycle bin (which is in a little cupboard with TWO DOORS!).  On VACUUMING days, I don't really help, I just try to be patient and wait for my turn.  Every time I hear Mom switch from the floor suction part to the hose I run over to the vacuum, but I usually have to wait until she is all done with the rest of the day's vacuuming before I get my chance.  Waiting is NOT one of my favorite jobs.

I get to help on laundry day too, but I'll save that story for another time.

The link I want to share today is about safe cleaning products.  Mom tries to stick to the ones that are safe for me and for the planet!  I'd also like to ask that you think about how close your pets are to your floors and furniture, because sometimes even if a product is considered safe or natural, it can still be very irritating to those of us who lay on the floor. 

Notes from Mom:

I'm attaching a short clip of Cody being vacuumed because I want to share a way to vacuum your pet safely - I use the brush attachment with my fingers over one edge to make sure that the suction doesn't pull on the skin, and also to monitor the static level.  I haven't tried any of the pet hair vacuum attachments available, mostly because the come with rake type deshedding tools and Cody doesn't have much of an undercoat.  Would love to hear from others who have tried the specialized tools though!

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